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Patterns: A Story of Storytelling

What is A Pet?

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A New Project: Radiate Literary

Hey all,

Just wanted to check back in one last time and talk about my new project. I haven’t been book blogging for some time – somewhere during this project I realized my passion was creating and editing, not reviewing.

So I’ve had something in the works. It’s hard to break into the literary market as a 13-22 year old. I want to help young writers connect with each other and get experience in publication and working with editors. Not to mention, there are others like me that love to help peer writers but don’t have a platform to do it.

I’ve launched Radiate Literary journal. It’s a student-run journal for students. Check it out at

If you’re a student, this project is for you. Please feel free to submit work, apply to join the team, or just check it out and share with friends. I’m so excited to get started on this new dream and bring you along.